Extraordinary Sacramental Preparation for Children at St Joseph’s Church, Harrogate 2021

Unfortunately because of the present National Lockdown the proposed date for Confirmation has been postponed.  Once the situation becomes clearer our Catechists will make contact with each family via email to arrange some “Zoom” sessions for preparation, which will compliment the resources below.  Please use these resources in conjunction with the physical resources which will be given to children through school, should they attend St Joseph’s school – or else from the sacristy after Mass, if they do not attend St Joseph’s school.

This page contains the links necessary for the programme of Sacramental Preparation to be used by families in the preparation of their children for the reception of the Sacraments during this extraordinary year.

The resources which are published here will introduce the sessions to be completed at home for your child’s Confirmation. This is for children who are currently in Year 6 (or above) at school.


Confirmation Help and Guidance Introduction

Session 1

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 1


Session 2

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 2


Session 3

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 3

Session 4

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 4


Session 5

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 5


Session 6

Confirmation Help and Guidance Session 6


Further Online Resources

What Happens at Confirmation Card

Glossary Confirmation

Sticker Chart Confirmation

Stickers Sheet Confirmation

Confirmation Sticker Chart Information



How to arrange your
Confirmation at St. Joseph’s in usual circunstances

Young people in Year 6 or above are invited to join the Confirmation Programme each year. Notices are usually given in November and December at every Mass and in the parish newsletter, inviting young people to enrol for the preparation programme which usually takes place from January until the Sacrament is celebrated.
If you miss all of these notices, it is an indication that you should begin to practise the Catholic faith, together with your child, (including Sunday Mass each week) to ensure that your child is properly disposed to begin preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation, perhaps next year.
Application forms will be made available once details are known, and you will need to collect one in person after any Mass.
Candidates meet on a regular basis. Each session involves the use of modern resources, and aims to prepare the candidates for the Sacrament and give them an opportunity to explore their faith and the relevance of Jesus in their lives.
As with First Holy Communion, preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place within the parish community with the full and active support of both the family and local schools. All candidates are also invited to attend a Day of Recollection which forms an essential part of the preparation.


Adults who have not been Confirmed should contact the Parish Priest and arrangements will be made for them.