Supporting our Parish

Our Weekly Giving to the Church

If you were asked why you give money at Mass, you might say “Because we have to run the parish” or “Because the offertory basket comes round”. But, whatever we give at the offertory of the Mass should have real meaning.

Giving back to God with thanks and gratitude is rewarding and fulfilling. This means giving our time and resources, both spiritual and material, and sharing with others, according to our means, what God has given to us.

It is part of our act of worship and so expresses our faith in God, our commitment to Christ and our concern for the work of His Church in the world.

We are also part of a wider diocesan community which covers a large area over which our Bishop presides.

Just as every family has to examine its financial position from time to time, a parish family has to do the same. As you know the cost of living is constantly rising and so are the running costs of our parishes

In the Diocese of Leeds there are:

  • 96 parishes and 118 churches. Most of these are in West Yorkshire but some are in North Yorkshire, The East Riding of Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire
  • 82 Primary Schools
  • 15 Secondary Schools 1 Sixth Form College

Please help us improve our income by using Gift Aid.

Help us not to waste this opportunity.

Your Parish needs the extra funds that the Gift Aid scheme provides.

Gift Aid Declaration

What is a Gift Aid Declaration?

Gift Aid is the scheme used by charities and donors to reclaim tax on charitable donations.

What does that mean to you?

It means that if you are a taxpayer, the Diocese can reclaim tax on all your recorded donations, which increases the income of the parish by 20% (current tax rate). It covers all donations whether paid term to term or annually.

The tax is repaid to the charity at the basic rate equivalent, but as long as you have paid enough income or capital gains tax, at whatever rate you pay, then your donation is eligible and a reclaim for the tax can be made.

How does it all work?

You need to complete the GAD opposite for our parish for payments you will make per financial year. The parish can then reclaim tax on your donations. If the donations are not recorded they cannot be included. The donations can be given either by numbered envelope, cheque or bankers order. The GAD will cover all donations recorded by the parish.

What is the cost to you?

There is no extra cost to the donor. The tax is an extra bonus for the parish on your contribution.

Who can complete a GAD?

Any individual who is a tax payer. Couples must complete separate GADs and have a separate form of contribution.

  • Gift Aid Declaration Form / Standing Order Form

Parish Gift Aid Organiser

John Tweddle